TXT’s Yeonjun Predicted The Fate Of His Members If They All Took Part In “Squid Game”

Is Hueningkai really an evil mastermind?

With Netflix K-Drama Squid Game taking over the world, it is no surprise that even K-Pop idols seem obsessed with the show. In particular, the members of TXT have constantly shared their views on the show, and Soobin even accidentally shared a spoiler with Beomgyu.

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More importantly, the members have also discussed with fans how they think they’d cope if they participated in the show. In a previous live broadcast, Soobin made his picks, and with the whole group now together, it was time to come up with their own scenarios!

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Beomgyu explained that he was definitely going to be the first one to die, which he has said on many occasions. Yet, it was the first time Yeonjun had a chance to make his picks.

I think Hueningkai will survive until the end, but someone else will win the game!

— Yeonjun

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The other members couldn’t help but agree with Soobin, adding that he thinks their maknae would probably play dirty and manage to survive the whole game. Although it might seem impossible for someone as sweet as Hueningkai to do that, even he had ideas about how to beat the game.

You know in the game, red light, green light, if there’s someone in front of you, the person behind won’t be detected. So, if someone falls down first, I thought about picking them up and hiding behind them while I advance.

— Hueningkai

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With Hueningkai cementing his status as an evil genius, Yeonjun carried on with his detailed description of how the members would cope in the K-Drama!

I think the two of us (Yeonjun and Beomgyu) will be the first ones to die. Taehyun is smart, so he will survive until the third round, but he’ll die after you (Hueningkai) take advantage of him.

— Yeonjun

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It isn’t the first time Yeonjun has counted himself out when it comes to Squid Game. During a Q&A with fans on Weverse, fans posted an edit of Yeonjun in the green tracksuit, and he still didn’t think he’d survive long!

With three of the members out, it was down to Yeonjun’s predictions on Soobin and Hueningkai, and they were oddly specific.

Soobin is bad at games, but he’ll survive until the end out of sheer luck. I think Hueningkai will die at the end.

— Yeonjun

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After the detailed description, the members added that they would all probably lose because of how gentle they are, and MOAs would definitely agree! You can read more about Soobin’s picks below.

TXT’s Soobin Knows Which Members Would Die First If They Were All In “Squid Game”

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