TXT’s Yeonjun Thanks A Fan For “Clapping Back” At A Rude Heckler In A Now-Viral Clip

You go, MOA!

TXT recently had a negative airport experience turn positive, thanks to one iconic fan!

TXT | Weverse

In January, TXT made their comeback with “Sugar Rush Ride” and have been promoting it on different programs since.

In late February, it was announced that TXT would travel to America to film a performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Fans were thrilled for the group to be able to promote their new release on international TV!

TXT with James Corden | @latelateshow/Twitter

A day before the performance TXT departed from Incheon Airport, heading to Los Angeles, where the show is filmed. The group landed safely and were greeted by fans eager to see them for the first time since their AMAs appearance last year.

The reunion turned a bit sour as the group were exiting when someone in the crowd yelled out, calling them a completely different group. K-Pop idols often deal with being mistaken for other groups due to genuine mistakes and ignorance.

Luckily, a fan almost instantly corrected the person, earning a nod from Soobin in the process.

Yeonjun actually directly thanked the fan saying, “thanks, MOA,” and pointing to the fan that yelled out.

The clip of the moment from different angles has gone viral, racking up over 650 thousand views on Twitter on one single clip.


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Fans are grateful for the MOA who stood up for TXT!