German Photographer Apologizes After Coming Under Fire For Calling NCT’s Jeno A Member Of BTS At New York Fashion Week

Many debated whether it was ignorance, a genuine mistake, or something else.

NCT‘s Jeno recently made headlines after making history by becoming the first K-Pop idol to open a New York Fashion show. Dressed in a sexy AF outfit and showcasing his natural charm and charisma, the idol naturally became the main event.

NCT Jeno’s outfit for New York Fashion Week | @NCT/Instagram
| @NCT/Instagram

Despite being his first time at the huge event, Jeno completely shined and captured the hearts of everyone who saw him.

| @NCT/Instagram

Alongside wowing with his visuals, Jeno also met a lot of A-List celebrities, even cementing his influence by sitting alongside them in the front row.

Jeno with Sabrina Carpenter | @NCT/Instagram
Jeno with Jared Leto | @NCT/Instagram
Jeno with Dove Cameron | @NCT/Instagram

However, alongside the many celebrities he met during the event, Jeno took a picture with world-renowned German photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The photograph has been known to take some of the most beautiful photos with concepts that are truly magnificent.

Work by Ellen von Unwerth with Beyoncé. | @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram
Work by Ellen von Unwerth with Kelly Gale and Joel Kinnaman. | @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram
Work by Ellen von Unwerth with Kylie Jenner. | @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram

She was one of the attendees at the event and was lucky enough to meet Jeno on the red carpet. As expected and like with everyone else she met, Ellen von Unwerth shared her photo with Jeno on social media.

Netizens quickly noticed something wrong with the post and raised anger when they saw the caption. Ellen von Unwerth was obviously excited to meet the idol and wanted to caption it. However, rather than tagging Jeno or NCT, she wrote that she was meeting “a member of [BTS.]

So excited to meet a member of @btsofficial.

— Ellen von Unwerth

Jeno (left) and Ellen von Unwerth (right) | @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram

As expected, netizens quickly raised their anger. While some pointed out that it could’ve been a mistake, others explained that she should’ve checked before posting it.

Many believed that it links to a stereotype some westerners have that says all Korean people look the same. They believe she just assumed Jeno was in BTS because he was a Korean idol.

Netizens also started spamming the comments of the photographer’s posts on Instagram, explaining that it was not BTS but rather Jeno.

Comments left on the photographer’s Instagram post | @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram

After the photo was posted, netizens kept an eye on the photographer’s social media account. They later discovered that she had deleted the post and then shared the same photo again, apologizing for what she had done and tagging Jeno in the new post.

So sorry, so great to meet @leejen_o_423.

— Ellen von Unwerth

| @ellenvonunwerth/Instagram

Whether it was a genuine mistake or ignorance, many netizens have always criticized some western celebrities’ treatment of K-Pop idols. Many believe that she should’ve done research before assuming as it is disrespectful to misidentify someone on such a huge platform.

You can read more from Jeno’s appearance at the event below.

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Source: @ellenvonunwerth

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