NCT’s Jeno Goes Viral For His Flawless Visuals In Unedited Fan Pictures And Videos Of “Vogue World” Event At New York Fashion Week

“Jeno is a god IRL.”

NCT‘s Jeno has already proven to be the main character at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and he hasn’t even walked the runway yet!

Jeno | @nct/Instagram

Jeno is set to be the first K-Pop idol to open a fashion show at New York Fashion Week, and if there’s anything his appearance on the Vogue World show demonstrated, it’s that he’s more than got what it takes to do it. The Vogue Show celebrated the 130th anniversary of Vogue magazine, and Jeno attended it as the only Asian artist.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Jeno will be opening designer Peter Do‘s fashion show. Peter Do famously dressed NCT’s Johnny for the 2022 Met Gala, leading to much acclaim for both of them. In fact, Johnny’s flawless appearance at the Met Gala was so successful that he became the most talked about person at the event!

Johnny | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

It’s no surprise then, that Jeno is now following in his footsteps as he gains attention at the Vogue World show. He was dressed in a sleek black suit with a wide jacket—and his stylists smartly left the shirt out.

| @leejen_o_423/Instagram

While the ensemble prompted the most hilarious comment from Jeno’s bestie Jaemin

…it’s safe to say it has left netizens absolutely shook.

Yet, as great as all the pictures look, fans who were able to see him in person are claiming that his visuals in real life actually look even better!

As a matter of fact, unedited pictures videos and videos of him are going viral as they show off his truly unreal natural visuals.

Jeno may be more on the introvert side, but he is certainly proving to be the star of the show. He’s already collecting so many A-list celebrities that NCTzens just know he’s got everyone simping after him.

Yet, fans are also expressing their pride in him for going so far out of his comfort zone in participating in such a huge event…

…especially since Jeno himself claimed in a recent Bubble message that he felt a little shy about his revealing outfit at Vogue World.

He’s taking big steps in his career, and NCTzens can’t wait to see how far he will go!



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