TXT’s Yeonjun Goes Viral After Taking Some Lucky MOAs By Surprise At “ACT : LOVE SICK” Concert In Seoul

“Yeonjun is a menace.”

TXT (also stylized as TOMORROW X TOGETHER) wrapped up their sold-out two-day concert in Seoul, kicking off their 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT : LOVE SICK in a big way. But one moment between Yeonjun and MOAs, in particular, has made him go viral.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

Throughout the concert, Yeonjun got to show off not only his incredible visuals…

…but also his insane talent.

Fans also got to see his considerate and charismatic personality as he asked MOAs if it was okay to shoot confetti at them…

…and had fun engaging in hilarious interactions with the audience.

But the moment that had fans everywhere going weak was when Yeonjun got up close and personal with the audience. The members took some time to walk along the aisles and greet their fans up close, which also gave MOAs the opportunity to see their stunning visuals IRL.

At one point, Yeonjun took some MOAs totally by surprise as he suddenly appeared from behind.

| @TXTsb039/Twitter 

The clip went instantly viral, standing at over 3 million views as of this writing. Fans were left shook, with some hilariously calling Yeonjun out for giving them the surprise of their life.

Many agreed that the moment was fatal, and that anyone in that position would have understandably fainted.

As a matter of fact, one fan pointed out that a different camera angle hilariously shows them falling after being surprised by Yeonjun…

…while other videos from the lucky MOAs show they were definitely not expecting that!

All in all, TXT’s concert in Seoul gave Yeonjun and his members the much-needed chance to interact with fans in person, and for fans and members alike to show their mutual appreciation!

| @TXT_members/Twitter

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Source: Twitter