TXT’s Yeonjun Went On A Strict Diet To “Lose His Cheek Fat”—Here’s What He Did

“I lost this much weight while preparing for New York Fashion Week.”

TXT‘s Yeonjun has been earning compliments left and right for his handsome visuals, and it turns out one reason may be because he lost weight in the recent months!

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Noticing this, Elle Korea asked him in a recent interview if it’s true that his motive for losing weight was to lessen the fat in his cheeks.

Is it true that you went on a strict diet to get rid of your cheek fat?

— Elle Korea

Yeonjun confirmed that he did in fact lose weight for that reason, and it was particularly for his 2021 New York Fashion Week debut.

It’s true. I think I lost this much weight while preparing for New York Fashion Week.

— Yeonjun

Wanting to avoid the “Yo-Yo Syndrome” where a person goes through a cycle of weight gain and loss, Yeonjun chose not to starve himself. Instead, he explained that he ate one meal during the day and drank coffee to stave off his hunger.

I didn’t starve because I would have experienced ‘Yo-Yo Syndrome.’ I had one proper meal during the day, and I didn’t eat anything until I went to bed. I just drank Americano.

— Yeonjun

Concluding, Yeonjun reassured fans that his body is in good condition.

My body’s been well-maintained since then.

— Yeonjun

| @TXT_members/Twitter

To see Yeonjun debunk more rumors about himself, watch the full video below!

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