There’s A Specific Type Of Women Joo Won Absolutely Detests — Here’s Joo Won’s Personal Dating Style

He revealed what he thinks is the biggest turn-off.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, actor, Joo Won made a much-anticipated appearance where he talked about this dating style and the type of women that turns him off.

Regarding this dating style, Joo Won revealed that he’s like a bulldozer when it comes to love.

I tend to express myself a lot when I date. I express my love for them at least 10 times a day with all my sincerity.

— Joo Won

But he confessed that it’s not always a good thing.

It’s not fair. I say ‘You’re beautiful’ and ‘I love you’ because I mean it, but there were times when I was told that I sound like a machine and that they were getting tired of it.

— Joo Won

What gained particular attention was when Joo Won talked about the type of women that completely turns him off.

He explained,

My friends advise me to play hard to get. But I ask them why that’s necessary. When the other person starts playing hard to get, I get completely turned off.

— Joo Won

Joo Won added that he’s the type of person who hits on a woman if he’s interested and that the other person ends up liking him more.

Netizens are reacting to Joo Won confession with comments such as “Who would say no to Joo Won?“, “Don’t women like it when men are straightforward?“, and “I’d better stop playing hard to get from now on“.

| @zu.won_moon.jun.won/Instagram

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight
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