Tzuyu and Gucci Have A Cute Photo Mishap That Warmed The Hearts of ONCEs

Gucci is so bold!

Tzuyu’s cute pup Gucci, who is now a mini-celebrity in her own right, is at it again by making waves around the internet for her cute antics!

ONCEs spotted Tzuyu and Gucci taking selfies at SoSee Coffee Cafe recently, and had their hearts warmed by Gucci “ruining” a selfie of all things!

Gucci, the bold diva she is, went in for a quick kiss while Tzuyu was in the midst of taking selfies of the two of them. Taken by surprise, Tzuyu began laughing and took a moment to collect herself, no doubt because the photos caught the cheeky moment.

Once they saw the photos of the moment happening, ONCEs jokingly went wild with speculation about the extent of Gucci’s relationship with Tzuyu.

Some of the Twitter responses that made us laugh include:

  • “Tzuyu and her lover. Oh my god, she’s dating with gucci wbk”
  • “Dang Gucci i see you makin’ moves”
  • “I really wish i was Gucci sometimes”

We’re loving how Gucci has become a celebrity in her own right, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on her for any future reports!

Source: Koreaboo