TWICE’s Tzuyu Isn’t The Only Famous Chou In Her Family Anymore

Who’s the family member that is threatening Tzuyu’s crown?

Tzuyu might have some pint sized competition in claiming the title of the most famous member of the Chou family!

You read that right. The Chou family dog Gucci has recently become a bit of a celebrity among TWICE K-Pop fans!

While SoSee Coffee Cafe (run by Tzuyu’s mother) in Taiwan has become a popular tourist destination for ONCEs (especially when Tzuyu is in town), it seems like Gucci is starting to build up a fanbase as well.

Based on various fan tweets on the subject, Gucci has become so popular with ONCEs that they even started visiting SoSee just to see her!

Gucci is said to be super accommodating and is always happy to pose for photos. She even has a special line of mugs available for her growing fandom at SoSee!

Tzuyu should watch out, because Gucci is forming a gang of her own and could one day dethrone Tzuyu as the most famous member of the Chou family!

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