U-KISS’s Hoon And Former Girl’s Day Member Jisun Are Getting Married

Congratulations to the two!

U-KISS‘s Hoon and former Girl’s Day member Jisun are getting married on May 29.

Hoon’s agency Tango Music confirmed the news in their statement to Newsen.

Hoon and Hwang Jisun, who met in the past due to their occupations, have promised to get married after dating for a long time.

The two will hold their wedding on May 29 in Seoul and the wedding will be private with only friends and acquaintances. We ask for your blessings and encouragement for the future of the two who have made the precious decision to a new chapter of their lives.

— Tango Music

Hoon also shared his thoughts in a letter written to his fans, sharing the news and promising to continue his activities even after his marriage.

Congratulations to the two!

Source: Newsen
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