U-KISS Member Claims He Almost Started Dating Jun Hyoseong During Their Trainee Days

He dished about his past with Jun Hyoseong.

U-KISS member, Soohyun just appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star where he made the shocking revelation that he almost started dating Secret‘s Jun Hyoseong back in their trainee days.

It all started when Kim Gook Jin asked Soohyun if it was true that he and Jun Hyoseong almost started dating.

And Soohyun shared that they used to be fellow trainees at the same agency when they were younger.

Soohyun confessed that when he first met Jun Hyoseong, he was in love with her personality.

I entered the agency and saw Hyoseong to realize that she was very bright and a good person.

— Soohyun

He added that he tried to flirt with her but that it didn’t go the way he wanted.

I had feelings for her, but when she wouldn’t respond, I gave up. Her response was kind of iffy.

— Soohyun


Soohyun is currently appearing on Jun Hyoseong’s radio show as a fixed guest, and that’s where he found out that they both liked each other but at different times.

I jokingly asked her if she knew I liked her and she said she liked me too. But the timing was off. When I liked her, Hyoseong liked someone else, and once she didn’t respond to me, I ended up liking someone else.

— Soohyun

Since it’s all in the past now, they can joke about it.

But could there be any chance remaining for these two?

Fans can only dream.

Source: Dispatch