Uee yearns for After School comeback after seeing Wonder Girls’ breakthrough

After a long period of hiatus, Uee wishes that After School would make their comeback after seeing Wonder Girls’ success.

Making their last comeback in 2013 with the track “First Love,” After School has been in a two-year hiatus. Similarly, Wonder Girls had a three-year break but recently came back with “I Feel You.”

Upon seeing Wonder Girls’ return to the stage, Uee had hopes that After School could return as well. Although Orange Caramel has been active for the past few years, Uee says that she misses the familiar feeling of performing on stage.

While After School was put to a halt, Uee has played major roles in the dramas Fool’s Love and High Society.

She is not the only After School member to have shared the yearning to perform on stage again as members Lizzy and Jungah recently shared on SNS they would like to return soon.

Source: Xports News

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