“My Ugly Duckling” To Cancel This Week’s Broadcast In Light Of Park Soo Hong’s Family Controversy

The show is starting to receive some heat.

My Ugly Duckling is beginning to receive backlash following Park Soo Hong‘s family controversy.

Comedian Park Soo Hong | Channel A

As Park Soo Hong’s unfortunate family situation continues to unfold, SBS has decided to cancel this week’s airing of My Ugly Duckling. Park Soo Hong and his mother have been  fixed guests on the show since its pilot episode back in 2016. Ever since, they have been a crowd favorite, but due to the controversy surrounding the sensitive situation, the episode for this week will be halted.

Park Soo Hong and his mother | @park_soohong/Instagram

While netizens have been rallying behind the comedian and showing their support for Park Soo Hong during this tough time, they have also been vocal about their disappointment in his mother.

Netizens have begun to ask for the removal of Park Soo Hong’s mother from the show in the midst of the controversy. A representative from My Ugly Duckling shared with OSEN that, “there has been no decision made in regards to Park Soo Hong’s mother’s removal from the show.”

Park Soo Hong’s mother on “My Ugly Duckling” panel | SBS

Previously, Park Soo Hong took to his Instagram account to confirm that his older brother and sister-in-law embezzled approximately ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.86 million USD) of his savings. It was further revealed that this was 30 years of Park Soo Hong’s life earnings that his brother stole from him.

As the confirmation of the situation became public, the nation was quick to show their solidarity with the comedian and have been pouring out their support for him.

Source: WikiTree