Ukrainian Rapper That Was Accused Of Plagiarizing BTS’s Suga’s “Daechwita” Changes Song To A “Cover”

He got served.

Ukrainian rapper, Alllex Black had been accused of plagiarizing BTS‘s Suga‘s track, “Daechwita”, which was released under his moniker, Agust D. The track Alllex Black released was titled “10K”. ARMYs quickly were alerted of this and made it known to BigHit Entertainment, who apparently, slapped Alllex with a warning.

According to Alllex’s Instagram post on the 26th of August, he had claimed that the company had deleted his track without notice or discussion. He seemed to be riled up, by claiming that large companies could do whatever they want, even though he played it down by saying “it’s cool”. Alllex claimed that the track was bought and he had the rights to the song, subsequently personally penning the lyrics.

| BigHit Entertainment

However, in just a day, it seems that his opinions changed, as he switched his social media to private and changed the title of his track on YouTube.

While his previous release was simply titled “Alllex Black 10K”, as of the 28th of August, he had changed the title to include “Cover – Agust D Daechwita”. While he has not addressed the issue any further or explained why the change, media outlets are suspicious as to his change in demeanour seemingly overnight.

“Daechwita” was released previously this year in May, and is a piece that is precious to both BTS and ARMYs alike. It is no wonder strong action was taken swiftly against this accusation. Take a listen to “Daechwita” below, if you’ve not already!


Source: Sports Khan