Ulsan City’s Ambitious Project Of A K-Pop Military School Revealed, Here Are The Details

The K-Pop fever has reached new levels.

The city of Ulsan has initiated efforts in full swing to establish itself as a K-Pop base city. There are alleged discussions about starting a “K-Pop Military School” in the city to create world-class idols such as BTS and BLACKPINK.

| Nabin Mewahang/Youtube

Ulsan is aiming to start a reputed educational facility like the Seoul Hanlim Arts High School, which has produced famous idols such as Tzuyu from TWICE and Yeri from Red Velvet. The institute will train future K-Pop idols in close association with the big entertainment labels in the country.

Hanlim Arts High School

The location of this proposed institute is said to be the former Jungbu Fire Station in Seongnam-dong, Jung-gu. But given the local legal system that places many strict restrictions on establishing schools and deciding curriculums, authorities are anticipating difficulties in accreditation. The plan might end up changing. This ‘military school’ will probably become a K-Pop academy like SM’s global K-Pop school established with Jongro Haneul Education in 2016.

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Currently, Ulsan city is preparing to conduct a survey among the student population to get their opinion about the K-Pop military academy and what concept they would prefer for this establishment to adopt. The survey will be conducted until September through the Ulsan Youth Activity Promotion Center’s website.

As of now, nothing is finalized. We will firstly identifiy the needs of the youth who are beneficiaries of education and materialize the concept.

—An official from Ulsan

Netizens have not reacted to the news very positively so far, with many pointing out that this move will only push the factory-produced image of K-Pop further. Other people also felt that while trainees already struggle in entertainment companies, a ‘military school’ can only worsen the situation for kids who will sign up for its programs.

Source: Ulsan Maeil