Um Ki Joon Choked Lee Ji Ah For Real In “Penthouse” — Here’s Why

Lee Ji Ah even fainted.

SBS released a commentary clip of the hit drama, Penthouse featuring Lee Ji Ah and Park Eun Seok, in which Lee Ji Ah made the shocking revelation that she was choked for real in one of the scenes.


While watching the fight scene after Joo Dan Tae found out that Shim Soo Ryeon was keeping major secrets from him, Lee Ji Ah confessed that she gets greedy during action scenes.

Whenever I have action scenes, I throw my body everywhere, and then I’m sick the next day.

— Lee Ji Ah

And because she hates action scenes looking fake, Lee Ji Ah revealed that she took it a step further.

I asked him to actually choke me.

— Lee Ji Ah


It turns out that the scene looked realistic because it was.


Lee Ji Ah shared that her face actually turned red and that it wasn’t computer graphics.

She even fainted for a brief moment.

According to Lee Ji Ah, Um Ki Joon had a difficult time choking her for real, but even Park Eun Seok had to admit that the final product was fantastic.

The way you look dishelved after was sexy.

— Park Eun Seok


Now that’s what you call commitment.

Check out the full revelation below:

Source: Dispatch