Umji Reveals Why She Decided To Gift IU The Famous Scrunchie Hair Bands

IU is absolutely obsessed with Umji’s gift!

IU previously revealed that GFRIEND‘s Umji gave her a special gift at her recent concert and that she’s become absolutely obsessed with the present!

Umji gifted IU a set of scrunchie hair bands! IU was seen wearing it everywhere that she went during her tour and even recent days.

During the recent episode of Idol Room, Umji got the chance to reveal the inspiration behind her gift.

She explained that she was able to emphasize with how tired you get after holding a concert. She wanted to cheer IU up with a present but also make it something that can be useful to her!

I knew that she’d be tired after the concert. I wanted to give her a gift that would make her smile when she received it.

I wondered what to give her and then decided to gift her something useful too.

— Umji

Jung Hyung Don noted that IU thanked Umji for the gift during previous broadcasts and asked if Umji would like to reciprocate with her own response video.

Umji began with the cutest smile, but became too shy to talk to her rolemodel and friend, IU.

But she pulled through with the help of her members by claiming that she will “take care” of IU’s hair until it turns white!

That’s one dedicated commitment from one friend to another!

Hello, senior… You always work so hard…

I’ll always take care of your hair until your black hair turns white!

Thank you.

— Umji

Here’s to more adorable gifts between IU and Umji that are as legendary (yet as simple) as hair scrunchies! IU literally wears it everywhere she goes!

Umji’s here to inspire everyone with the best gift ideas!

Source: Newsen