“The Uncanny Counter” Producer And Screenwriter To Join Forces For Upcoming OCN Drama

This is bound to be a good one!

Exciting news has been reported for all The Uncanny Counter fans.

“The Uncanny Counter” poster | OCN

According to a Sports Donga news report, the original producer and screenwriter for The Uncanny Counter will be teaming up once again for a brand new drama called, Bad and CrazyThe Uncanny Counter‘s producer, Yoo Sun Dong and the screenwriter for the last two episodes of the mega-hit drama, Kim Sae Bom will be joining forces for this upcoming OCN series.

Bad and Crazy is reportedly about a snobby detective who lives with a hero mindset. While he has lost his touch with reality, he partners up with character “K” who has a strong sense of social justice.

Producer Yoo Sun Dong (middle) with the cast of “The Uncanny Counter” | Star Today

The news reports of producer Yoo Sun Dong and screenwriter Kim Sae Bom teaming up for this production has already got netizens buzzing with excitement, with many of them wondering about the drama’s cast.

The two’s former production, The Uncanny Counter saw massive popularity, recording a viewership rating of 10.99%, which is the highest that OCN has seen in its history. With such grand success, the expectations for this upcoming drama have been set at a new level.

“The Uncanny Counter” poster | OCN

Bad and Crazy will begin their filming in the first half of this year, as soon as they complete their casting decisions.

Source: WikiTree and Hankyung