Busters’ Agency Under Fire For Sexualizing Underage Members On Live Broadcast

“Why are they treating minors like bar hostesses?”

Busters, when they first debuted in 2017, became dubbed K-Pop’s youngest idols. The average member age in 2019 remains 16.75 — meaning they are an “underage” group, composed entirely of minors.


And since the group’s latest live broadcast, their agency — Marbling Entertainment — is under heavy fire for dressing the members inappropriately and putting them through what can be perceived as uncomfortable situations. Viewers found their outfits to be too unreasonably revealing…


… especially for sitting this closely between the two male adult YouTubers collaborating on the show as “hosts”. Some have found the seating arrangement to be equally inappropriate, as they believe it “obviously looks like how men seat the hostesses at bars.” One netizen pointed out, “Keep in mind that this seating arrangement is: 8th Grader – Adult Male – 8th Grader – 9th Grader – Adult Male – High School Sophomore – High School Senior.”


Especially with the recent incidents involving member Chaeyeon on set for EBS‘s Tok! Tok! Boni Hani show, Korean netizens are furious at how these underage members are constantly “sexualized” on camera.


As the outrage grew, netizens have found previous live broadcasts…


… and even the group’s promotional pictures to be frustrating as well.


The agency is yet to respond to the criticism — however, the controversial part including the YouTubers has been since deleted from Busters’ official live broadcast channel. Korean netizens continue voicing their concerns for the members.

Source: THEQOO

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