Underage Students in Korea Are Reportedly Selling Used Underwear and Stockings to Adults for High Profit

The problem is that the market is growing, but it’s difficult to punish by law.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

According to a recent episode of KBS‘s Informants, random chatrooms are a hotspot where sexual exploitation of young and underage female students takes place.

The underage student who participated in an interview with Informants was reached by a reporter through one of these random chatrooms.

In the first chat, the underage student confidently stated,

Stockings are 30,000 won (~$25 USD) and socks are 20,000 won (~$17 USD).

– Underage Student

She explained that the payments had to be made before the exchange and that although she usually takes it off ahead of time and gives it to the customer upon meeting, she shared that it’s more common for them to wear it all the way to the subway station and take it off in the washroom there.

The underage student who is currently in 2nd year of high school added,

I sell stockings for 30,000 won (~$25 USD) and underwear usually go for 40,000 to 50,000 won (~$33 USD – $42 USD).

– Underage Student

Many are shocked by this revelation because while it’s commonly known that some adults have such fetishes, the fact that the market has expanded due to how lucrative the market is is a whole different story.

And what’s more concerning is the fact that such exchanges are difficult to punish by the Korean law due to the fact that no sexual relations are taking place, and the underage students are willingly committing the acts.

Since no underage students have yet to step forward as a victim from the exchange, no regulations have been set as of yet, but there is growing concern among citizens that if the market continues to grow, it’s just a matter of time before victims arise.

Source: Insight