An Unexpected Female Idol Appears On Rapper Snoop Dogg’s Instagram

“Snoop Dogg sunbaenim…”

Recently, a female K-Pop idol appeared on American rapper Snoop Dogg’s Instagram, leaving fans in shock.

Not only is Snoop Dogg a popular musician and pop culture figure but he is also known for his highly entertaining yet whimsical nature. At this point, it has become popular knowledge that the man doesn’t allow any restrictions when picking projects, no matter the language or the genre. So, you might discover him featuring on a Punjabi song, or make a cameo on Law And Order, or look at a wrestling ring and wonder why Snoop is body slamming into the pro-wrestler Serpentico.

He has also done a cooking show with his dear friend Martha Stewart, formed a football league, and sang a jingle in German for an advertisement. All in all, it is an established fact that Snoop Dogg is an entirely unpredictable artist.

Still, when fans noticed that he had posted a K-pop singer’s recent release on his Instagram, it left them stunned. The singer in question is none other than MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

Wheein of MAMAMOO | @whee_inthemood/Instagram

Wheein recently made her comeback as a soloist with the album IN the Mood and the title track “In The Mood,” impressing her audiences with her hypnotizing vocals.

On October 17, fans spotted that Snoop Dogg had reposted an iTunes page screenshot, where Wheein’s album sat at number 2, followed by The Rebirth of Marvin by October London.  In fact, the original post was made by London, who thanked Snoop in the caption along with other individuals for contributing to the album’s success.

Though Wheein’s appearance on Snoop’s Instagram was not really intentional, fans were still in disbelief at this happy coincidence. Many even joked that Snoop Dogg “sunbaenim” was doing free promotion for the MAMAMOO member.

However, Wheein is not the first K-Pop artist to randomly land on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram. A few years ago, he had posted an edited meme of BTS’s Jungkook on his main feed, leaving many ARMYs in splits. Years later, he ended up collaborating with Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin on the song “Bad Decisions.”

Will the “accidental shoutout to collaboration” pipeline manifest this time too?