The Uniform For Employees Of South Korea’s Ministry Of Culture, Sports And Tourism Stuns With How Gorgeous And Apt It Is

Modernized hanboks, anyone?

If you work for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, you best be a great representative of the nation’s culture! Perhaps that’s why the South Korea’s ministry created all new uniforms for their employees to wear. They’re modelled on the traditional Korean costume, the hanbok, but made for modern day use. Take a look at the options below.

1. Just the pants

The baji (pants) is crafted with woven silk and employees are given the option of wearing a casual polo.

2. A skirt and vest

For women, you can wear a silk chima (skirt) and vest combination.

3. A traditional button down

It may look like a normal shirt but’s actually printed with a traditional pattern.

4. A long dress

The traditional short top, the jeogori, is elongated to cover up to the knees. It’s paired with pants of the same fabric.

The inside is lined with various silks and patterns so that when left unbuttoned, it works as a cool jacket.

5. A Korean spin on the office look

The typical H-line skirt and the peplum top is updated with a traditional fabric and round collar.

6. “Jeogori” shirt

The atypical button down formal shirt is given a hanbok collar. The pocket gives it a more modern look.

7. Suit up

Fancy a two piece suit? Pair this buttoned vest in a traditional cut with regular slacks.

Want something more fancy? Here’s a suit made out of hanbok fabric, complete with the traditional buttons.

Would you want to wear these to work?

Source: theqoo