BTS And The Universe Prove To Always Be Connected As An Appropriately Named Asteroid Approaches Earth

The universe might be RM-biased.

BTS and the universe are truly connected!

From left: BTS’s Jin, RM, V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook | BIGHIT MUSIC

Time and time again, the universe has proved it is ARMY. Considering how much planet and galaxy-themed content BTS includes in their music and concepts, it is amazing to see life imitate art. Besides, the group even has a song with Coldplay called “My Universe.”

If there was still any doubt that BTS and the universe are connected, an ARMY pointed out something unbelievable…

BTS’s RM recently announced his album, nicknamed “RM3,” as he previously released mixtapes RM and mono. Its release date is expected to be November 25.

BTS’s RM Will Reportedly Release His Solo Album On November 25

A skyscraper-sized asteroid called 2022 RM4 is said to approach close to Earth today, November 1, the same day RM’s album was officially announced.

| @joooniehq/Twitter

Does it seem like a mere coincidence?


ARMYs also pointed out that the day 2022 RM4 was first discovered was September 12, which is also RM’s birthday.

At this point, we don’t believe in any coincidence!

Source: joooniehq