“Universe Ticket” Debut Line-Up’s Disturbingly Large Age Gap Between Members Shocks Netizens

All but one member is under the age of 17.

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Universe Ticket has announced its final line-up, but netizens are shocked by the members’ ages.


In November last year, a new survival show from SBS, titled Universe Ticket, began to air. The promising premise followed previous shows, like A2K, stating that it would create a “global K-Pop group.”

This promise has already been partially fulfilled with the group’s first confirmed member, the first Filipina to rank first on a K-Pop survival show.

The First Filipina To Win #1 On A Korean Audition Program

On January 17, the winning members of the group were announced during the finale, along with the group’s official name, Unis. Elisa, Bang Yunha, and Nana were the first three members to be announced.

Elisa | SBS
Bang Yunha | SBS
Nana | SBS

The final five members were chosen through final fan ticketing combined with their earlier points. Filipina Gehlee was announced as the fourth group member with a final score of 2,464,526 points.

Gehlee | SBS

Next, Lim Seowon and Oh Yoona were announced as the fifth and sixth members, respectively, earning 559,943 and 472,180 points.

Lim Seowon | SBS
Oh Yoona | SBS

The final two members announced were Kotoko and Cignature‘s Belle (Jin Hyeonju), who earned 470,502 and 496,797 points respectively.

Kotoko | SBS
Cignature’s Belle (Jin Hyeonju) | SBS

As with all survival shows, winner line-ups will not always please everyone, but the age aspect of Unis has many in shock.

Three of the members were born in 2007, making them 16, while three were born in 2009. The group’s youngest member is Seowon, born in 2011, making her 12. Hyeonju is the only adult member at 22, making the age gap between her and the other members six years at the least and ten years at the most.


Netizens expressed their shock over the group’s young members…

…and the age gap between Hyeonju and the others.

Minors debuting in K-Pop has always been a topic of discussion among netizens, and in this case, the age gap has only added concerns for some.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly named Bang Yunha as the youngest member. She is not — Lim Seowon is the group’s youngest member.