University Students Protest iKON From Performing At Their Festival Due To Seungri’s Scandal

The university responded.

Myongji University announced its artist lineup for their upcoming music festival, which included some of the hottest names, such as iKON, Davichi, Sunmi, and more.


However, after seeing iKON on the list, a group of the students began protesting against them, claiming it was wrongful to invite a group that was managed by a company that is affiliated with Seungri’s Scandal. They explained that they did not want to work with an agency who’s CEO and former singer were accused of prostitution, illegal drug use, embezzlement, tax evasion and more.


In response to the protest, the student government who had invited iKON apologized for causing an uncomfortable situation and explained that they only invited iKON for their ability to hype up the crowd.

They ultimately decided against canceling iKON’s performance.


iKON performed at Myongji University on the 14th and will continue on to perform on the 15th as well.

Source: TV Report