Unlicensed Teens Show No Remorse After Killing a College Student on a Motorcycle

The college student was working part-time as a delivery man to afford rent and living expenses.

It has just been reported that teenagers with no driver’s licenses killed a college student on a motorcycle with their car, but showed no remorse after the accident.

The college student was revealed to be a college student who was making a delivery on the motorcycle to earn living expenses for his rent and living expenses as a result of school being postponed due to the coronavirus.

But according to an informant who provided the Facebook feeds of the perpetrators, the teenagers that killed the college student aren’t showing an ounce of remorse for what they’ve done.

After the horrifying incident, one of the perpetrators posted, “I’m going to Daejeon Juvie, so write me lots of letters“, “We totally reenacted fast and the furious“, and “I almost died, too, so it pisses me off when I get cussed out online“.

When the online criticism continued, the perpetrator even responded, “It’s not like I killed him.

According to Daejeon police, Mr. A (13) drove a stolen car without a driver’s license.

And in the process of racing away from the police, the car crashed into a taxi, which hit a motorcycle in the opposite lane.

The college student on the motorcycle had just entered college and was revealed to have been returning home from his shift as a delivery part-timer.

As for Mr. A, he wasn’t charged for the crime since he’s still a minor and was simply sent to juvie.

Source: Insight