[★BREAKING] Unnamed Popular K-Pop Idol’s Agency Releases Statement On Rape Accusations

The unnamed idol’s agency responded to the rape allegations.

“It isn’t fully confirmed that our idol has raped anyone yet. We are still trying to confirm things but our idol can’t be contacted. We have to confirm with him first to fully know what happened.”

— Unnamed Agency of Accused Idol

Police have confirmed that the idol had alcohol with the victim along with his other 2 friends. The idol and his two male friends have been accused of raping the victim.

[★BREAKING] Unnamed Famous Idol Accused Of Rape

The statements given by the two accused males are different compared to the victim’s so the investigation is still in process.

“The side of events from one of the men is completely different from the initial 112 emergency call made by the victim. We are in the process of getting her official statement now.”

– Gangnam Police

The idol can’t be reached by his agency and he is the only one of the accused that hasn’t given an official police statement. Even though the idol’s name or agency has been revealed yet, the media reported two details regarding the accused idol.

“He is 26 years old and his group debuted in 2010.”

UPDATE: Victim Clears Idol’s Name

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