[★BREAKING] Victim States K-Pop Idol Was Never Involved In Rape

The official police statement of the rape victim has been released and she has cleared the idol of the rape accusations. 

“The idol did not rape me. I think the other two males that were there are the one’s who raped me. ”

— Victim 

Initially, the victim called authorities to report that the unnamed idol along with 2 of his male friends raped her after drinking alcohol together.

The police later got her statement at the station and she corrected her initial report by saying the idol did not rape her.

The idol’s agency is still trying to contact their idol to get his side of events but he cannot be reached at the moment.

“It isn’t fully confirmed that our idol has raped anyone yet. We are still trying to confirm things but our idol can’t be contacted. We have to confirm with him first to fully know what happened.”

— Unnamed Agency of Accused Idol

[★BREAKING] Unnamed Popular K-Pop Idol’s Agency Releases Statement On Rape Accusations