“Unnie Is That You?” Footage Of Actress Han So Hee Lying On The Floor Drunk Goes Viral

“Unnie, there must be a reason why you’re like this…”

Photo and video footage of Han So Hee lying on the floor drunk are going viral.

Han So Hee |

On January 24, Han So Hee uploaded a photo and a video clip on her Instagram. The post captioned, “And I will never drink again,” reveal the actress lying on the floor.

The photo shows Han So Hee sleeping on the floor after drinking. On the actress are several Jenga blocks, which seem to be part of a prank on the actress.

Han So Hee also uploaded a video of herself lying on her back, presumably drunk. A friend can be seen approaching the actress and laying a jacket over her.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Netizens reacted to the photo with shock and laughter. Many couldn’t get over the fact that the acclaimed actress would get that drunk, and many more couldn’t believe she would actually post it. Netizens were overwhelmingly positive about the post and praised her for being so relatable.

  • Unnie, there must be a reason why you’re like this…”
  • “A drunk Han So Hee, now this is rare.”
  • “Humans keep making the same mistakes.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Is the person lying down you, unnie?”
  • “LOL”

Meanwhile, the actress has fans anticipating her upcoming Netflix drama with co-star and fellow K-Drama superstar Park Seo Joon, Gyeonseong Creature. The drama is a mystery thriller revolving around a monster created by greed and two unlikely heroes tasked with taking it down.

Although an exact release date is unknown, the drama is slated for release in 2023.

Source: wikitree
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