UP10TION’s Bitto Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Get well soon, Bitto.

UP10TION‘s Bitto has tested positive for Coronavirus, which will ultimately affect various programs and broadcasts.

According to an exclusive report from Newsen, Bitto has been confirmed as a positive case of Coronavirus. He recently was tested, and his result was positive. As a result, numerous broadcasts are expected to be affected by his positive diagnosis.

UP10TION recently appeared on MBC Music Core on November 28 and SBS Inkigayo on November29 this past weekend, which means artists who appeared on either of these shows may also be required to get tested and self quarantine.

Both UP10TION’s agency TOP MEDIA and SBS have confirmed they received the news of his positive test.

The production team of Inkigayo has started to identify all of the movements, locations, and close contacts of Bitto and UP10TION through the expected path artists take during a live broadcast and CCTV footage. It seems like it will take some time for us to complete the check.

First, we have asked the production teams of all of the music broadcasts to actively check if UP10TION’s Bitto was present, and if he was, to see whether he was in contact with others, to collect the information required, and to share with each other such information if necessary so we can fully understand the situation.

Managers should refrain from any unnecessary speculation that does not help solve the issue. We ask managers to proactively gather information and share it with us if necessary, as we are all partners who work in the music industry together.

— SBS Inkigayo

Hello, this is TOP Media.

Our artist, UP10TION’s Bitto, has tested positive for Covid-19.

Bitto was notified that he was a close contact of a confirmed Coronavirus patient after his schedules ended on November 29. He was tested and confirmed positive on November 30, this morning.

The artists, staff, and employees who have overlapping movements or contact with Bitto have conducted Coronavirus tests, and are waiting for their results.

We will take preventative measures in accordance with the policies set in place by the KCDC.

UP10TION will cancel all future schedules, and we will do our best to manage out artists and Coronavirus hygiene.

We sincerely apologize to the broadcast staff for participating in the broadcast without recognizing that he was in close contact with a positive case.

We apologize again for causing concern.


Source: Newsen and Osen