UP10TION Fans Furiously Claim Jinhoo Is Dating but Deceiving Fans About It

Fans are angry, not because he might be dating, but because they feel deceived by the idol.

UP10TION‘s Jinhoo is currently under fire for explicitly posting photos of his “girlfriend” on UP10TION’s official Twitter account while keeping fans in the dark.

Jinhoo recently posted a photo of himself at a play after sharing that he was there for a fellow member’s birthday, but according to fans, the photo also includes Jinhoo’s “girlfriend”.

The reason behind the claims is that Jinhoo was supposedly captured holding a bouquet of flowers that the “girlfriend” later posted on her Instagram along with the caption, “Successful romance.

This comes after a similar incident that occurred 2 years ago regarding another “girlfriend” of Jinhoo’s.

Isn’t that obviously Kim Jinwook’s hand and the phone case he used to use? Impossible to deny? You’ve gotta admit, this is hard to deny!

– Fan

I can’t deny it even if I tried, Jinwook.

– Fan


Seeing from the comments under the older posts, fans are furious, not because he’s dating, but because he’s openly sharing posts of his supposed girlfriend while not telling fans about it.

We wouldn’t say anything if you dated without making it known. Idols are people too, so it’s understandable that they date. Even though the times are more easygoing now, I think it’s wrong to show it on your official account. I think fans play a large role in the group continuing their acitivites, so deceiving fans is  just wrong. You wouldn’t know how it feels unless you’re were a fan…

– Fan

We’re not saying you shouldn’t date. Even if you date, you should consider your fans, who are making sacrifices and cheering you on for your honor and dreams. Is that too much to ask? There are some fans who are expressing their hurt and unfairness of this. If you want to enjoy all the things of an average person, just be an average person with no fans.

– Fan

You’ve crossed the one with this one. You’re not even keeping it a secret. What about your fans? This is upsetting.

– Fan

And regarding the most recent incident, fans are responding in a similar fashion.

UP10TION’s Jinhoo, I can’t even be bothered to tag you. You’ve already been caught for posting a lovestagram with her, so why is your account still public and why didn’t you delete the photo of your girlfriend yet? Is it fun to deceit fans and drag your members into this? You’ve already done this last time. If you’re going to continue this, just drop out o the group! Or date quietly and in secret.

– Fan

Jinhoo has yet to make a formal response to the claims, while fans are continuing to express their anger.



Source: The Qoo