UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok Was Caught Practicing In His Natural, No-Makeup Face

Kim Wooseok looks so much better when he’s all natural!

Back in 2019, Produce X 101 revealed a relay self-cam footage that the trainees of the show filmed themselves during practice.

The relay began with trainees, Cha Junho and Kim Hyunbin who spotted Kim Wooseok on their way to the practice room.

The two trainees exclaimed, “You’re so handsome, Hyung!” to which Kim Wooseok replied, “What’s going on here? I’m coming back from an interview myself actually.

Despite the footage being a little rough around the edges, the closeup shot taken of Kim Wooseok’s face perfectly portrayed just how handsome he really is.

He appeared to have little to no makeup on but his natural face looked exactly like how it’s portrayed on the show.

Many would agree that he actually looked a lot better without all the stage makeup that he’s normally seen wearing as an idol trainee.

Watch the full relay footage below:

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