UP10TION looking to break in the Japanese market with upcoming showcases

Ten rookie male idol group UP10TION is preparing to make their way in the Japan music market just eight months following their debut in South Korea.

Just last month, the boy group made a comeback in South Korea with their 3rd mini-album SPOTLIGHT and has been promoting the track “Attention.”

According to insiders on May 13th, UP10TION is looking to expand their music activities and is preparing for their upcoming activities in Japan later this month. On the 30th of May, the group is scheduled for a fan sign event in Tokyo followed by similar events held in Okayama on the 31st, Osaka on June 1st, Nagoya on June 2nd, Tokyo again on June 3rd and Osaka once again on June 6th.

Additionally, they will hold their debut showcase in Tokyo and Osaka on June 4th and 5th where they will perform “Attention,” “So, Dangerous” and “Catch Me!”.

Source: Star News