Here’s The Next BL Webtoon To Be Made Into A K-Drama After “Semantic Error”

The cast is going to be ✨ gorgeous✨ for sure.

BL K-Drama Semantic Error may have started off with trepidation, but it has since soared to reach peak popularity. Not only did the show eventually rank first place on Chinese portal sites, but the main leads also gained a considerable amount of exposure.

Park Seoham (left) and Park Jaechan (right) in “Semantic Error” | Watcha

Park Seoham, formerly of KNK, saw a huge increase in the number of his social media followers since appearing in the show. Between mid-February 2022 when Semantic Error premiered to March, his Instagram gained almost 100,000 new followers.

Park Seoham has since left for his mandatory military service, but the success of Semantic Error remains fresh in the world of K-Dramas.This remarkable hit of a niche-genre adaptation has inspired production studios to take up more BL works.

Park Seoham’s Instagram follower change. | Social Blade

In fact, both K-Drama and webtoon fans in Korea have managed to sleuth out the next BL webtoon to be adapted into a K-Drama!

Recently, a production company, Cradle Studio, uploaded an advertisement for staff…

| Cradle Studio

[K-Drama Production Company Cradle Studio Is Looking For Producers]

Cradle Studio, a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment, is a K-Drama production company that is home to young budding talent behind hits like ‘XX’ and more. We’re looking for skilled colleagues to join the team for planning and producing other original K-Dramas based on some of Kakao’s most popular webtoons like ‘Bani And Oppas’ and ‘Secret Relationship.’

We look forward to your application, thank you.

— Cradle Studio

…which hinted Secret Relationship as one of the titles in the works.

Featuring the complicated interactions between Jung Da On and three other main characters, Secret Relationship is a beloved multi-lead BL series by McQueen Studio.

Characters Shin Jae Min (left), Kim Su Hyun (center), and Joo Sung Hyun (right) of “Secret Relationship” | McQueen Studio

Da On, a super-thrifty 30-year-old man raised by an impoverished family, is extremely diligent—working multiple part-time positions to become financially stable. He tries to overcome his difficult past but, inevitably traumatized by a lifetime of poverty, his self-esteem remains tanked. The lack of reliable figures in his life triggers his multiple relationships with the three leads: Shin Jae Min, Kim Su Hyun, and Joo Sung Hyun.

Character Jung Da On | McQueen Studio

Since the first episode released in April 2020, Secret Relationship has long kept the fans fiercely debating over which lead will end up Da On’s official partner. Now that a K-Drama adaptation is in the talks, fans have more to discuss: The lineup.

Which actors are going to be cast for these undeniably charming characters?

The main characters of “Secret Relationship” | McQueen Studio

While there is no set date on when Secret Relationship will air, one thing is for certain: It is about to become the most visual-packed K-Drama adaptation ever—with not one, not two, but three hot-AF couples to ship!

Source: theqoo
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