Updates on Bobby Kim’s recent drunken airplane incident

What statement will Bobby Kim make if his recent drunken incident during his flight were found to be indecent assault?

The February 18th episode of SBS’ Midnight TV Entertainment, featured a segment regarding Bobby Kim’s possible statement if the reports of his alleged sexual assault of the flight attendant during his trip to San Francisco from Seoul is found to be true.

A representative attorney said, “Air rage incidents account to monetary penalty of average of less than 5 hundred won. However, if there was any physical contact and if they were to be verified as assault, then his case is categorised as indecent assault. That will account for an average of 10 years of prison and 1,500 won of monetary penalty. These aforementioned penalties apply regardless of the cabin’s feasibility.”

Meanwhile, Bobby Kim has finally returned to Korea on February 13th, greeting reporters with a 90-degree bow, showing his remorse for his drunken actions on flight Korean Air which occurred nearly 37 days ago.

Source: Newsen