Despite His “All Of Us Are Dead” Fame, Actor Lim Jae Hyuk Has Been Working Numerous Part-Time Jobs

He’s doing whatever he can to “make ends meet.”

Reporter Lee Jin Ho from 연예뒤통령이진호 recently uploaded a video discussing the ongoing global success of Netflix‘s All of Us Are Dead—and the content of the video is making headlines all across the nation.

“All of Us Are Dead” poster.

Lee Jin Ho touched on Netflix apocalyptic series’ success, following the previous 2021 global success of Squid Game. As the reporter compared the two productions, he shared his opinion about the supporting characters and how he believed they played crucial roles. It was following his introduction that he focused on one particular supporting actor from All of Us Are Dead—and it was none other than actor Lim Jae Hyuk.

Actor Lim Jae Hyuk (green vest) in “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

The reporter shared that Lim Jae Hyuk was one of the many supporting actors that have started to see incredible success following his appearance in the zombie teen flick.

Still from “연예뒤통령이진호” | YouTube

In this production, it wasn’t just the main actors that have started to gain popularity, but the supporting actors as well. Amongst them, is one particular actor who has been receiving the most attention, and it’s the acting god Lim Jae Hyuk.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Lee Jin Ho went into detail just why the actor stood out amongst his fellow supporting actors, crediting his “big and reliable size,” as well as his “solid acting skills” as the main factors behind his sudden fame.

Still from “연예뒤통령이진호” | YouTube

He showed off his presence with his big and reliable size that came in handy when fighting off the zombies. It wasn’t just his reliable visuals, but his solid acting skills that also gained attention.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

The YouTube host further elaborated just how popular Lim Jae Hyuk has been following his appearance, as he compared the actor’s Instagram follower count from before All of Us Are Dead to after.

Still from “연예뒤통령이진호” showing Lim Jae Hyuk’s increased Instagram count | YouTube

Before his appearance in ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ Lim Jae Hyuk’s Instagram follower count was under 1,000 people. Following the success of the K-Drama, however, he gained approximately 300,000 followers.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

And while the actor may be relishing in his newfound popularity, Lee Jin Ho shared that the All of Us Are Dead actor is actually still juggling to make ends meet as he waits for his acting career to take off.

Still from “연예뒤통령이진호” | YouTube

While Lim Jae Hyuk saw huge success with ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ it’s been revealed that he isn’t considered a full-time actor yet. He’s an actor that will do anything for money and he’s currently rotating as a construction worker, Coupang driver, and delivery driver.

In order for him to become an actor, he is working hard and doing whatever he can to make ends meet.

— Reporter Lee Jin Ho

Actor Lim Jae Hyuk during a “Netflix” Q&A.

Actor Lim Jae Hyuk has been impressing with his character portrayal as Yang Dae Su in All of Us Are Dead. The rookie actor only made his debut in 2020, but has been seeing incredible success following his appearance in the thrilling zombie series.

Source: WikiTree

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