“All of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Has A K-Pop Idol She Really Wants To Work With

We can’t blame her iconic choice!

It seems as if a month doesn’t go by without a new Netflix K-Drama dominating the worldwide rankings, with global viewers falling in love with them at an unprecedented rate. It started with Squid GameMy Name, and the reality series Single’s Inferno.

The latest K-Drama that has caught fans’ attention is the zombie teen flick All Of Us Are Dead.

Cast of “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

The series follows a group of students who are battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

One of the characters in the show is Nam On Jo, played by Park Ji Hoo, who has romantic feelings for the main character Cheong San. Her father is a firefighter, and she puts the skills he has taught her to use during the zombie outbreak.

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo | Netflix

Although the character has gained criticism, actress Park Ji Hoo has rocketed to fame with netizens unable to get over her visuals and charming personality off-screen.

| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram

Yet, more recently, she has gained attention from netizens for her love of K-Pop and, particularly, her respect and admiration for EXO’s D.O. 

EXO’s D.O | @overdokyungsoo/ Instagram

Park Ji Hoo shared her love for the idol in a recent interview. D.O is an established and talented actor, showcasing his skills in some of the biggest and most popular K-Dramas. She explained her desire to work alongside D.O.

I still think it’d be very meaningful if I could act with actor Do Kyung Soo.

— Park Ji Hoo

| @overdokyungsoo/ Instagram

In particular, she spoke about his upcoming film Secret and how she hopes that she will have the chance to star alongside him as she continues to grow as an actress.

I recently heard that he’ll be in ‘Secret.’ Later on, when there’s a chance after I’ve honed my skills and grown as an actress, I would hope to act alongside him in productions like that.

— Park Ji Hoo

D.O during filming for “Secrets”

Yet, it isn’t the first time Park Ji Hoo has cemented herself as a true EXO-L! Even back in 2019, the actress shared her love for the group and D.O., explaining that alongside wanting to work with him, she was a true fangirl adding, “When I get my allowance, I spend it on fangirling.”

| @furrinaaa/ Twitter

Even earlier in the week, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Park Ji Hoo had liked a post on Instagram from member Suho who has just returned from his enlistment.

As Park Ji Hoo’s popularity continues to rise and her acting gains attention, there is no denying that someone will find a way for her to act alongside D.O. If that happens, she will definitely be living any fangirl’s dream!

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