“All Of Us Are Dead” Actress Cho Yi Hyun Confesses She’s Never Had A “First Love”

She doesn’t understand what it is.

Previously, All of Us Are Dead star Park Ji Hoo made headlines after confessing that she has never dated before. And while that news began to take over headlines, just a day later, her fellow cast mate Cho Yi Hyun is making headlines for something similar.

Actress Cho Yi Hyun | Artist Company

An old interview of the All of Us Are Dead star has belatedly begun to make headlines for her surprising confession. Cho Yi Hyun took part in an interview back in January 2021 during her promotions for her then production, School 2021.

Cho Yi Hyun (2nd from right) in poster for “School 2021” | KBS

Cho Yi Hyun portrayed the female role of Jin Ji Won in the series and stunned with her performance with her amazing acting abilities. She fully digested the role without any hesitations and received praise from viewers for her skills.

Cho Yi Hyun in “School 2021” | KBS

It was during her 2021 interview that Cho Yi Hyun shocked her audience with her dating experience confession. She shared that she couldn’t relate to her School 2021 character Jin Ji Won in one way, and it was all about love.

I don’t understand what a first love is supposed to be. I’ve never been able to love fully. I’m sure if I meet someone in the future, I’ll know but for now, I don’t know what it is.

— Cho Yi Hyun


Cho Yi Hyun debuted back in 2017 and has since started to see steady popularity for her trustworthy acting skills and stunning visuals. While she originally signed with JYP Entertainment for the start of her acting career, she eventually moved onto Artist Company to focus on her productions.

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While she’s been in numerous noteworthy productions before, such as School 2021Hospital Playlist, and more, it was following her appearance in Netflix‘s zombie series All of Us Are Dead that she skyrocketed into popularity.

Cho Yi Hyun in “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix
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