“All Of Us Are Dead” Actor Yoo In Soo Sees A 17x Increase In Instagram Followers After His Series Appearance

The before and after is insane 😳

The thrilling zombie series All of Us Are Dead has been the talk of the town ever since its January 28 premiere, as it dominates viewership ratings and rankings all over the globe. With its brilliant marketing and surrounding hype, viewers were surprised to see that the cast of the K-Drama featured unknown actors—but all that has changed.

“All of Us Are Dead” poster.

As the apocalyptic series relishes in its mega-hit success, the actors have also begun to see skyrocketing popularity following their appearances. And while it’s not surprising for lead actors to see success after a production’s conclusion, the same can’t be said for supporting roles. However, one supporting character in All of Us Are Dead is starting to see popularity like no other—and it’s none other than our favorite bully, actor Yoo In Soo.

Actor Yoo In Soo portraying Gwi Nam in “All of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

Yoo In Soo portrayed and fully digested the role of one of Hyosan High School’s bullies, Yoon Gwi Nam. Yoo In Soo’s character portrayal was so well-done, that he became the villain that was too easy to hate. The bully with the mullet became known for being absolutely merciless with his fellow students, as well as the school’s principal.

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And while his character within the thrilling Netflix series was easily despised, Yoo In Soo’s acting abilities and social media presence became quickly loved by the world. So loved, in fact, that the actor’s popularity soared like no other—and this could be seen in number through his Instagram account.

Prior to his All of Us Are Dead appearance, the actor had approximately 40,000 followers. Given his previous acting credits in different productions—such as Strong Woman Do Bong SoonWhile You Were SleepingID: Gangnam Beauty, and more—he was able to gain a solid fanbase.

Yoo In Soo in “ID: Gangnam Beauty” | JTBC

However, following his Netflix zombie series appearance, the number of his Instagram followers jumped from 40,000 to over 700,000! That’s a whopping 17.5x increase!

Yoo In Soo’s Instagram follower count at 708,000.

Given that it hasn’t even been a full week since the premiere of the production, we can only imagine how much bigger Yoo In Soo’s social media growth and overall popularity will get!

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Congratulations to the actor and all of his newfound success! It is well-deserved.

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