US Target Stores Are Selling This Magazine Special About BTS…But There’s One Big Problem

Apparently, they can’t tell the difference between Jungkook and V.

BTS fans have recently been uploading proud photos of local Target flyers which included an advertisement for BTS’ upcoming CD and photobook.


For $24.99 comes 2CDs as well as a photo book all about BTS.


Some fans were even more excited after discovering a magazine about BTS that was already on sale.


When taking a closer look at the book, however, something seemed to be very wrong.


While all the other members seemed to look amazing in each of their dedicated sections, when turning to Jungkook’s section, there was a picture of V instead.


After seeing this unbelievable error, fans were pretty upset.


And although fans have been pretty offended due to this huge mistake, it still doesn’t change the fact that BTS is being promoted at Target! In fact, they are even being promoted on screen!


Meanwhile, BTS’ “Love Yourself: ANSWER” will be coming on August 24, 2018 so don’t miss out!