V Dropped A Sneaky Spoiler For BTS’s “Dynamite” B-Side MV

The truth behind this spoiler is finally out.

Another BTS mystery has officially been solved, thanks to V!

Last week, fans discovered missed spoilers after BTS dropped their first music video for “Dynamite”. For example, BTS gave away their Michael Jackson moves back in July, when they guested on the Japanese program CDTV Live.

Jimin also spoiled his finger gun dance move during a Japanese interview for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY. 

During the same interview,did this funny dance move, but fans weren’t sure if it was a spoiler or just V being V. Unlike Jimin’s finger gun, it didn’t show up in the official MV…

…but it did appear in the b-side music video! At midnight on August 25 (KST) BTS released their second music video for “Dynamite”, which includes behind the scenes footage from the original music video.

Near the end of the MV, V went from sexy…

…to silly by freestyling this choreography. He knows just how to make his members (and fans) laugh!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out BTS’s new “Dynamite” MV here: