VERIVERY’s Dongheon Accused of Posing With a Vape Pen in One of His Selfies

“There’s an underage member in their group though.” – Netizen

VERIVERY‘s Dongheon is currently facing controversy for allegedly posing with a vape pen in one of his selfies.

VERIVERY’s official Twitter account recently shared multiple photos of the members.

The photos were accompanied by the caption, “We went to a new restaurant today and tried the spicy pork, and it was delicious. Even while eating the spicy pork, we thought of you, our fans.

But what stirred up controversy was a selfie of him that was included in the series of photos.

It appeared that he was holding something white and long in his hand.

After seeing this, netizens claimed that what he was holding looks awfully similar to vape pens.

Netizens responded to the photo with comments such as “Why did he take a photo of himself holding a vape pen in his room?” and “There’s an underage member in their group though“.

On the other hand, other fans are coming to Dongheon’s defense with comments such as “You can’t say for sure that that’s a vape pen. Stop stirring up s***.

As soon as the controversy worsened, the post was taken down from Twitter.

Source: Dispatch and KBS News