VERIVERY’s Kangmin Blocked By His Own Fans While Trying To Take The College Entrance Exam

This is such a shame.

South Korea recently conducted its annual College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), also known as suneung, just a day ago and an idol’s appearance has started to make headlines.

Photo of students taking the suneung (CSATs) exam, used for illustrative purposes.

Suneung provides college hopefuls with an opportunity to prove their scholastic abilities to universities of their choice. The exam is held at an esteemed level within the nation, which is the reason why many K-Pop idols choose to take part. However, due to their fame, taking the exam does not come as easy as it does for other high schoolers—and this was proven by a boy group member.

Former GFRIEND members SinB (left) and Umji (right) on their way to the 2017 suneung exam.

VERIVERY member Kangmin recently took part in taking the 2022 suneung exam in the midst of his boy group promotions. However, his fans flocked to the exam location in an effort to get a glimpse of Kangmin’s face. Due to the sheer number of fans who showed up, the VERIVERY member had a hard time making it to the entrance of the building.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin (in mask).

It was reported that dozens of Kangmin’s fans followed him all the way to the entrance of the school building. In the photos provided, some of his fans showed up with large DSLR cameras just to photograph the VERIVERY member.

Kangmin surrounded by a swarm of fans.

This photo, provided by OSEN, shows the large group following the boy group member as he attempts to walk towards the exam location. It was later reported that the fans made it difficult for Kangmin to enter the school, with some of his fans blatantly blocking the entrance to keep him outside longer.


Upon seeing these photos, netizens expressed their frustrations towards the fans for causing such unnecessary chaos, while sharing their pity for Kangmin and the situation.

| theqoo
  • “They’re really pathetic.”
  • “I feel bad for all the exam takers.”
  • “Why are they like that? Seriously, I hate that.”
  • “Geez, I feel bad for the other exam takers.”
  • “It’s morning but there are so many people there. I wonder if it’s a vacation or a weekday.”
  • “They’re so disruptive. Why would they even go to the exam location. I don’t get it..”
  • “Wow, I’m sure that was hard for Kangmin too…”
  • “Kangmin is probably overwhelmed. Just why..”
| New Daily

It’s such a shame that fans can cause more harm than good to their favorite artists. We hope that Kangmin was able to complete his exam well with no further disruptions.

Source: theqoo
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