VERIVERY’s Minchan Apologizes For Judging A Female Idol’s Looks

He is sincerely reflecting.

VERIVERY‘s Minchan got into controversy on January 6, 2022, when a live broadcast of him and fellow members went viral after some comments he made on camera.

VERIVERY’s Minchan | Jellyfish Entertainment

During the broadcast, he had been talking about one of the female idols he saw back when he had not yet debuted and had inadvertently ended up evaluating her looks.

When I was in my third year of middle school, someone transferred to our school. She transferred and was said to be a celebrity. [Kangmin: Is she a celebrity still?] I don’t know. [Kangmin: Then isn’t she our sunbae?] I don’t know. But back then, if you looked up her group’s name on Naver, it popped up. It’s not that there was an album or anything. But anyway, I knew her group name and that she was a member and it was like, ‘Wow, a celebrity.’

But… How should I put this? I think she kind of shattered my fantasy [about celerities]. Back then, I thought celebrities would all be good-looking and otherworldly but she was just very familiar. And you know, like… Look at us now. She didn’t really put on makeup to come to school, like [we didn’t for this broadcast]. Her looks weren’t very outstanding. So I just thought like, ‘Oh, she’s just a person. Celebrities are just normal people.’ But one day, a white van came to pick her up.

— Minchan

Afterwards, the other members could be heard telling him that he should not have discussed about her looks and tried to salvage the situation.

Kangmin: About her “not outstanding looks…”

Hoyoung: That’s what I’m saying, why did you have to bring that up?

Minchan: I mean, that was just how I felt back then. It’s a personal opinion…

Kangmin: I’m sure if people look at how we are behind-the-scenes, their fantasies will break, too.

The video of the comment ended up circulating on social media and Minchan faced severe backlash for it.

  • “The members next to him are trying to salvage the situation with all their might but he keeps talking badly so they can’t save it. He’s so careless.”
  • “He keeps talking and doesn’t get that the people next to him are trying to stop him”
  • “He should have stopped when the member next to him kept trying to rein it in by saying she’s a sunbae… What kind of idol speaks like he’s gossiping in a casual bar? He sounds like a high school grad.”
  • “Please… The other members were smiling and trying to gloss things over by asking why he’s like that. I hope he thinks about this sincerely…”
  • “The other members are f*cking trying to salvage it but he keeps exploding. Evaluating her looks is one thing but he’s so tactless and his entire talk was full of looking down on her. It’s so uncomfortable. What crime did the fans commit to have to listen to this…”

The live broadcast became quickly taken down from being rerun. Minchan soon uploaded an apology to the group’s official social media platforms.

Hello. This is Minchan. I sincerely apologize to those who felt uncomfortable with my words on the live broadcast dated January 6. In the future, I’ll be careful with my words so that a similar matter does not occur and I promise to become more conscious of my actions. I will also directly contact the idol mentioned to apologize. Once more, I would like to apologize and will reflect over my actions and careless words deeply.

— Minchan

VERIVERY is a seven-membered group under Jellyfish Entertainment that debuted in 2019.

Source: THEQOO