Veteran Actor Park Joong Hoon Caught Drunk Driving

This is his second time getting caught.

36 year veteran actor Park Joong Hoon has been caught drunk driving for the second time.


According to an exclusive report from SBS, actor Park Joong Hoon was caught drunk driving in the underground parking lot of his apartment complex.

Actor Park Joong Hoon was caught drinking and driving by the police in the underground parking lot of his apartment. He was intoxicated and his blood alcohol level far exceeded the amount that would require the revocation of his driver’s license.


The Gangnam police station is currently investigating the Park Joong Hoon without detention. Park Joong Hoon is suspected of driving around 100 meters while having a blood alcohol level of 0.176%, over twice the license revocation level of 0.08%. Police received a report of a drunk person driving at around 10:20 pm on March 26, with the report saying a drunk person drove into the parking lot and is not cooperating with security.

Park Joong Hoon was reportedly out drinking with a friend, and called a chauffeur driver to take his car back to his friend’s apartment. However, upon reaching the entrance of his friend’s apartment complex, he sent the chauffeur away and decided to drive the rest of the way to the parking lot by himself. He reportedly admitted to drunk driving at the scene.

Police are currently investigating the dashcam footage of the car and also seeing if there is any connection between Park Joong Hoon’s case and other accidents in the parking lot. Back in 2004, Park Joong Hoon had his driver’s license revoked for drunk driving. Both he and his agency apologized for this new incident.

We feel deeply responsible for the occurrence of such an incident.

— Namoo Actors

I am deeply reflecting on my actions.

— Park Joong Hoon

Source: Ilgan Sports, Sports Donga and SBS