Veteran Female Idol Confesses The Horrifying Story About How She Was Kidnapped By A Male Sasaeng Fan

He knocked her out, kidnapped her, took her to his house, and…

First generation idol, Lee Bon, recently confessed that she was once kidnapped by a male sasaeng fan back in the mid-late 1990’s.


During Kim Soo Mi’s Did You Eat?, Lee Bon revealed the horrific details of her kidnapping. One night, she was heading home after a long day of filming. Her manager had left before her to heat up their car.

This photo has no relation to Lee Bon and her kidnapper.

But as she made her way down a long staircase towards her car, she blacked out.

It was a very cold day. My manager went ahead to heat up the car since I only had about 10~20 minutes left of filming. I finished filming and headed down a long stairway, but just as I was getting close to the car I blacked out.

— Lee Bon


She woke up the next day in a stranger’s room. She was initially frightened but heard a conversation outside that appeared as if it were all a mistake.

This photo has no relation to Lee Bon and her kidnapper.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I realized I wasn’t in my room.

I heard from outside the room, someone saying, ‘Why did you bring her here and cause all this trouble?’ I realized that my kidnapper may not want to harm me.

I went outside and asked why they kidnapped me.

— Lee Bon


She boldly confronted her kidnapper who revealed that he kidnapped her for his brother who is a huge fan. She tried to keep the peace by spending the day with them and was eventually let go.

The kidnapper told me that his brother was a big fan so he went overboard for him.

Realizing he was a fan, I asked them to show me around their neighborhood.

— Lee Bon


She revealed that the fan tried to propose to her by gifting her with an expensive sports car, but it all ended after she continued to refuse his proposal.

It ended there, but the next day a yellow luxury sports car was sent to my house. It was a proposal from the fan.

But I rejected him multiple times and it ended there.

— Lee Bon


Lee Bon was a popular solo singer and actress during the 1990’s. She was known for her beautiful visuals and performance skills.


Thankfully, she was safe from her kidnapping and is now able to talk about it freely. Watch one of Lee Bon’s most famous performances from the past.

Source: My Daily

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