Veteran Korean Actor Personally Signs Up For Weverse And Leaves BTS’s Jimin A Touching Message

He’s now a paid member of ARMY.

It was revealed that veteran Korean actor, Kim Gap Soo had recently signed up for BTS‘s fan community on Weverse. He even left a touching note for his bias, Jimin!

| theqoo


Jimin-ah, by any chance, do you remember me? When you were eating with your mom previously at that restaurant, I was eating there too so we greeted each other… It’s a little embarrassing but I too, have registered as an ARMY today keke stay healthy always~ congratulations!

— Kim Gap Soo

He had also recently visited Yoojung Restaurant, famous for being where BTS frequently ate predebut and during their rookie days! He had uploaded a selfie in the restaurant to which eagle-eyed fans pointed out the background was similar to the well-known haunt.

Although uploading one’s own selfies are prohibited as a rule on Weverse’s community, fans are frantically commenting on his post to warn others not to report it due to his identity as a famous actor. His agency, Hunus Entertainment, released a statement that he had personally written the post and paid out of his own pocket to become an official paid member of ARMY.

Kim Gap Soo has appeared in over 100 works since his debut in 1994. Most recently, he appeared in Hospital Playlist as the hospital’s executive director. He was also in famous Hallyu works such as Cinderella’s Stepsister, Sungkyungkwan Scandal and more!

Source: theqoo