Vibe And Their Agency Responds To Park Kyung’s Tweet Accusing Them Of Manipulating Music Charts

They revealed that Park Kyung has yet to apologize.

Park Kyung was recently caught in a controversy after he Tweeted out a list of artists, claiming that they manipulated the charts through sajaegi. The term “sajaegi” means chart manipulation, where companies buy copies of their own albums in bulk to get higher chart rankings.

One of the artists he listed was the veteran R&B duo, Vibe. Vibe has been a legend in the industry since their debut back in 2002. They’ve recently been ranking high on music charts with each of their comebacks.

Vibe’s recent comeback “Call Me Back” remains on the top 5 on music charts for weeks.


Park Kyung soon deleted his post and some claimed he was in danger of being sued for defamation. Yoon Min Soo, the producer and member of Vibe, uploaded a post to his personal Instagram where he denied the claims.

His post simply read, “Vibe does not use sajaegi.


Despite his post, many netizens continued to doubt his claims and claimed the truth must be revealed.

“But all of the artists accused of sajaegi rose up in ranks over night when majority of the public aren’t listening to music and many idol fans stream their bias’s songs on repeat. Idols should be ranking high but these artists suddenly top charts and have many fans supposedly in their 50s listening…”

“There are many possibilities. It’s either that they really made it to the top, they knowingly committed sajaegi, or someone else did it for them without their knowledge.”

“Who’s telling the truth? I think they should use this controversy to figure out the truth.”

“Park Kyung definitely said that, knowing something was going on. Someone as smart as he is wouldn’t just spit random stuff and not do anything about it. I’ll support him til the end, so I hope he really exposes all of the sajaegi artists.”

“Ok… if you think you’ve been wronged, please prove yourself through legal actions. I support both Vibe and Park Kyung.”

— K-Netizens


Vibe’s agency, Major 9, announced that Park Kyung has not apologized for his Tweet despite the amount of time that’s passed. They vowed to take legal action against Park Kyung and everyone who continues to spread false rumors about Vibe.

Hello. This is Major 9.

We would like to make an announcement about the artist who posted a malicious, defamation comment about our artist Vibe.

We gave him more than enough time to apologize through his agency but the artist did not sincerely apologize at all. As a result, we will be taking legal actions in order to set everything straight.

Our artist has already suffered an irreversible tainting on his reputation and is in psychological pain from the rumors that’s been spread without even checking the facts.

We have been collecting evidence for those who continue to leave malicious rumors and spread false claims about our artists. We will be taking strict legal actions and will not be open to any settlements.

Thank you for everyone who continues to love our artists, and we vow to protect our artists as best as we can.

— Major 9


Check out Vibe’s latest music video below:

Source: Osen