Victim Leaks Full Evidence That Idol School Contestant Was A Bully

Contestant Som Hein was a contestant on Met’s Idol School – a competition reality show that trains hopefuls into idols.

Som Hein is a 21 year old idol-hopeful born in 1996.

She placed at #29 of the the 41 contestants, but dropped out after the 1st episode.

She left because she struggled with anorexia.

“The reason why I withdrew was because of my anorexia. I had anorexia before shooting started, but I was ignorant about it and I didn’t think of it too seriously. So, I went ahead with filming, but my health was bad to begin with, so I couldn’t keep up with the filming schedule.

Also, the doctors said if I continue missing my treatments  it will be difficult for me, so I didn’t just think ‘I’m going to quit since it’s tough’, but I really thought about it and made this difficult decision…

I didn’t tell anyone about where I’m hurting because I didn’t want to reveal that I had anorexia, so I didn’t really feel the need to say that I had anorexia. Even now, I’m concentrating on my treatment by making hospital visits and taking medicine.”

— Som Hein

Some, however, are skeptical and believe that Som Hein withdrew from the show for a different reason.

A Middle School Friend Accused Her Of Bullying

A girl named Choi Min Kyung, who claims to be an acquaintance of Som Hein, came forward with stories of how she allegedly bullied her in middle school.

“I wish I really could forgive the person who gave me a huge emotional scar when we were both young and immature; that way, I can have some peace of mind too, but it’s not easy.

I was watching television and that person came on, and now it’s reminded me of the nightmares I had as a child. What should I do if I really want to forgive someone?”

— Choi Min Kyung

한참 철 없고 어린 나이 때 나에게 정말 큰 상처를 주었던 사람을 그땐 정말 어렸으니까 라고 진심으로 용서 하고 싶은데 그래야 내 맘이 편할테니까 그게 잘안되네 우연히 티비를 보다 그 사람이 나왔는데 어릴적 악몽이 다시 생각이 나네 진심으로 누군가를 용서하려면 어떻게 해야 할까

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She explained how Som Hein allegedly bullied her at a karaoke.

“Sigh… Please please I wish I didn’t have to see her again.

In middle school she took me to noraebang (karaoke) and added 3 hours of service just to hit me with a microphone, make me kneel on the floor with spit, step on me with high heels, and tell me how huge my nose is, all because you think I talked smack about your friend when I never did.

Then she sends me to buy cigarettes for her and when I come back, she hits me with the noraebang book, but the noraebang owner must have thought it was weird to hear only the instrumentals playing, so he checked in on us.

If it wasn’t for him, she would have continued to hit me.

Thanks to her, I went to see a psychiatrist and moved around a lot because every day was a living nightmare.

She even came out in my dreams, and now she’s popping up on my Facebook and even on television, so I’m reminded of those nightmares.

Please stop showing up everywhere…. I get goosebumps reading about posts claiming that you have a kind heart, especially when you’re extremely cruel… Stop making up your image and please stop showing up everywhere.

— Choi Min Kyung

Som Hein Responded To The Accusations

Shortly after posting the explanations, Som Hein updated her Instagram with her alleged side of the story.

“Hello, this is Som Hein.

I’m writing in regards to the posts about my school bullying on Facebook..

First, I’m very sorry for talking about an uncomfortable matter.. At the time I was in 9th grade. When that friend was being bullied, I didn’t directly bully her, but I was a bystander of the bullying.

I was also bullied by the person who assaulted the victim, and when the victim was being assaulted by the bully, I was scared so I just stood next to her and watched her without bullying her myself.

I did say things I shouldn’t have said, and it would have left a huge emotional scar on the victim just seeing me there.

But I can’t sugar coat it and say that I was young and immature, because it was an unforgettable scar that hurt the victim, so I’m deeply reflecting on my actions..

I’ve been reflecting on that and telling myself that it was because I was faint hearted, but after a lot of time had passed, I finally apologized to her.. But for many reasons, in the victim’s eyes, I thought that it would be difficult for her to accept my apology..

So I believe she saw me on Idol School and decided to take to Facebook to post her honest opinion.. Of course, to the victim, this doesn’t provide any grounds to forgive me, because to her, it’s a big trauma.

Anything I do is probably stressful to her and I definitely believe sugar coating my actions as “immature” or “young” is absolutely unacceptable, because no matter how young or immature you are, those actions were wrong so I won’t make any excuses..

I may have been young but .. I gave her an unforgettable emotional scar, so even now, or in the near future, or even several decades away, I’ll continue living with the guilt, and reflect on my actions. I’m deeply apologetic once again for causing this controversy and making you cringe…”

— Som Hein

The Victim Uploaded More Evidence

In response, Choi Min Kyung stated that Som Hein’s post was false, and as a counter, uploaded evidence from Facebook messenger.

“You think I don’t have evidence? Well now I’m uploading it, so I dare you to say I don’t have evidence again. Talking about something when you don’t even know what happened is extremely rude. There’s evidence at the very bottom.

So am I meant to delete the post…? The victim is telling the truth but you want to sue me for that…? What a scary world …

There’s no reason for me to reveal my real name and profile picture just to make up a lie. I asked you through Facebook messenger, ‘Even if you genuinely apologize to me, you know that day you assaulted me will never be erased from my memory, right?‘ and you replied ‘I know‘… But then you said you were a bystander… You’ve just given me another scar…”

— Choi Min Kyung

In the conversations, Som Hein first contacted Choi Min Kyung, asking for her number so they could talk over the phone.

“I’m Hein, can you tell me your phone number?

I’m not trying to argue with you, my agency contacted me first, that’s why. I know you don’t want to talk to me but I think it’ll get too long if we talk on KakaoTalk.

If it’s alright with you, can we talk over the phone? If you don’t want to tell me your phone number, can you call me on my phone?”

— Som Hein

Choi Min Kyung then revealed that she had previously received an apology from Som Hein, but later realized that it may have been solely to protect her image as a model.

“When you apologized last year I thought you were being genuine, but then I thought, ‘Why is she apologizing for what happened in 8th grade now?’ So I went to your Facebook and saw that you’re a model now. Now I only see your apology as a means to keep up your image.

Thanks to you, whenever I hear the instrumental to Gummy’s “Adult Child” I still cry.

All my coworkers, friends, and my boyfriend knows about this, but since your Facebook keeps popping up I felt tormented. For those three hours I was hit, while kneeling on a spit-covered floor even when I didn’t talk smack, apologizing for something I didn’t do and crying.

Those days replay and I have nightmares about it. I feel like I’m crazy reliving the day I was hit by a microphone and a book, while my thighs were stepped on with high heels.

Now that I’ve moved I’m living happily, but now that you’re everywhere I’m really stressed.”

— Choi Min Kyung

Som Hein then apologized for hurting Choi Min Kyung and asserted that she only hurt her with words and not physically.

Som Hein: I didn’t know it would become a scar to you I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for hurting you with words. Minkyung, to you, I’m merely a bully and I know every word I say is just another scar and a trauma to you. I’m sorry for saying all of that.

Choi Min Kyung: Sigh… Even if you genuinely apologize to me, you know I can’t erase what you did to me from my memory, right?

Som Hein: I know”

She explained that she wanted to talk to Choi Min Kyung over the phone to hide evidence of their contact.

Som Hein: But [my agency] kept contacting me saying ‘Don’t message her because then there’ll be evidence. Call her, don’t talk to her through KakaoTalk.’ So that’s why I kept telling you we should talk over the phone, and that’s why I said I didn’t do it [on Instagram].

Choi Min Kyung: Why can’t there be evidence? What if you argue that you never hit me?

Som Hein: I’m really sorry for hurting your feelings.

Choi Min Kyung: You’ve emotionally scarred me again.

Som Hein: Yeah it’s because I won’t argue that.”

Som Hein then revealed that she admitted to the bullying, but her agency made her say that she wasn’t directly involved her in her Instagram post.

Som Hein: I’m in a situation where I can’t do that. What are you talking about? I told the company that it [what you said] was right..

Choi Min Kyung: You told them that I was right but your agency told you to say it wasn’t???”

Som Hein: I told them that it’s correct and that I’ll speak with you so I’m contacting you. Yes, because my agency has to say that it isn’t true, so they told me to do that. Not because I’m claiming that I didn’t do it.”

She tried to warn Choi Min Kyung that the situation could get worse if she didn’t delete her Facebook post.

Som Hein: In your perspective, you might think ‘What about me?’ and not delete [your post]. But if that becomes the case, you’ll suffer more later. That’s why. So I’m asking you to delete it. Please.

Choi Min Kyung: Then your agency will probably release a statement through news articles saying it’s not true. And then I’d become the weird person.”

When Choi Min Kyung refused to delete the post, Som Hein hinted at the fact that her agency could take legal action.

Som Hein: Since I don’t want to see that and since I’m sorry and can’t see you go through that, I’m asking you to delete it now. If time goes by and the situation gets worse, then I can’t stop my agency. So I’m asking you, please, delete the post.”

Their Recorded Phone Call Was Leaked

Among the evidence, there was even a recording of the conversation Choi Min Kyung had with Som Hein.


Choi Min Kyung: Even if you hit me, that’s wrong. You said ‘Do you want me to make you into Han Ga In?’ and put a lit cigarette in front of my face, that you’d let me go if I got a score of 100 on the karaoke machine, that was wrong. You didn’t just hit me in agreement with the others.

Som Hein: Don’t you remember what Park Bokyung said to you, Minkyung?

Choi Min Kyung: No, I’m saying you did all those things.

Som Hein: I know but what did Park Bokyung say to you then?

Choi Min Kyung: You guys said that I was sick and that I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t come out, and I was really sick, but you called me out. So I went and Park Bokyung hit me, so I hated both Park Bokyung and you.

But what you said and the instrumental of Gummy’s “Adult Child” that played for 3 hours, when you hit me with the top of the microphone and the bottom of the microphone and asked me, ‘Which side hurts more?’, when you told me to kneel down on the floor with your spit everywhere, stepped on me with your high heels, then got a lit cigarette in my face and asked ‘Do you want me to make you into Han Ga In?’… I had nightmares about that every single day.

That day, my mom found out how I was doing at school, how I was getting beaten up like that, and how you were treating me. When I wore my dad’s big t-shirt, you guys stepped on me and hit me, so it turned black. My mom saw me come home like that and that’s how she knew.

 But you know what I did? I went to the police station and I told them that I didn’t want to tarnish your name with a red line, especially because you were young, and I didn’t want to ruin your life. That’s how I felt at the time. That’s why we just reached a settlement. And then you know I moved, right?”

Som Hein: I heard later that you moved.

Choi Min Kyung: Right. After moving, I transferred schools but I couldn’t attend because I couldn’t look anyone in the face. So for three years I couldn’t do anything but prepare for hairdressing, but I started to think, ‘What would I ever do if I feared people so much?’ so I went back to school.

But still, like I told you, I don’t think I can look at anyone like me again. Anyway, in your perspective, you might be scared, but it was your choice.

Som Hein: I know I made that choice, so I know it was wrong. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was scared, and I did it out of fear. I shouldn’t have hit you, this is definitely something that can’t be rationalized. I gave you a scar that you’ll have with you for the rest of your life. That’s right. I gave you hell, and made you suffer. I can’t rationalize this at all.”

While Som Hein apologized to Choi Min Kyung, she expressed that she never wishes to see Som Hein anywhere ever again.

“She may have apologized, but that apology won’t erase the traumatic childhood I had, or the unforgettable scars she gave me. I hope she confesses her sins and lives so that she never appears in my line of sight ever again.”

— Choi Min Kyung

Som Hein’s agency has yet to respond to the allegations.

Source: Dispatch, The Qoo, and Wikitree

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