Victim Of Yoochun’s Dog Bite Needed 80 Stitches And Years Of Surgery

“Not only did I get stitches on my skin, everything from the inside was stitched in a total of 4-5 layers.”

JYJ‘s Yoochun has been sued by an acquaintance 7 years after his dog bit her.

The victim, named Jang, required years of treatment and surgery for her injury.

In a recent interview, the acquaintance revealed the seriousness about her injuries when she was bitten by one of Yoochun’s dogs.

Yoochun with his dog.

She was bitten by Yoochun’s dog of the Malamute breed.

She had multiple reconstructive surgeries on her face, including 80 stitches on her face.

“Not only did I get stitches on my skin, everything from the inside was stitched in a total of 4-5 layers. Parts of my cheekbones disintegrated.

Once every year, I had to cut open the skin that fused together because the broken cheekbones needed fillers.

My mouth is now twisted whenever I talk and I need professional special makeup whenever I leave the house.”

— Jang

She explained that she never legally reported her injuries because was diagnosed with depression from the tragic accident on top of all of her surgeries.

“The situation itself was traumatic and I became depressed. I needed to take care of my emotional health first.

Whenever I saw Yoochun or his people, I was reminded of the accident and felt tormented.

My parents and my husband told me it was incredibly lucky that I did not lose my sight and that my cheekbone didn’t collapse completely.

I only focused on getting better through the treatments.

I didn’t want to be swept up in lawsuits.”

— Jang

She decided to sue Yoochun 7 years after the incident because her physical and emotional toll never ceased to end.

A photo depicting facial reconstructive surgery.

“Up until last year, I’ve continued to receive intensive treatments after the accident.

I stopped treatments for about 6 months because of fatigue and depression. But the hospital told me that my injury had widened again because of the rest, and I had to get reconstructive procedures again.

That was my breaking point.

I couldn’t handle going through the same excruciating process again, so I went to a lawyer on my way back from the hospital.

He advised me that the case would expire soon, so I decided to sue.”

— Jang

It was previously reported that Yoochun’s mother had handwritten a letter of apology, as well as offered her money for her treatments. However, Jang declined the money because her compensation barely covered her medical bills.

Jang reportedly spent about 320 million KRW (~$300,000 USD) on her treatments and is currently suing Yoochun for 1.2 billion KRW ($1 million USD).

Yoochun’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, explained that they will be properly handling the issue with Jang after collecting the facts.

Park Yoochun Sued For $1 Million USD After His Dog Bit His Friend’s Face

Source: Yonhap News